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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: League's Biggest Baby

Now I have never stated that in order to win the LLTO Award for League’s Biggest Baby that you must be a player in the league.  The award is open to coaches, presidents, and other league officials as well.   In fact in this case former and newly designated Real Madrid president Florentino Perez did not even participate much in the 2008/2009 La Liga season.  The president just took over the club in May of 2009, but has already earned his first award.

Perez has an interesting relationship with Madrid.  He ran the club for several successful financial and football seasons in the early 2000’s,  capturing league titles and bringing in huge name players like Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Owen, and Robinho.  But the president  was dismissed from Madrid in 2006 for being to focused on the marketing aspects of the club and not placing enough focus on the game of football. 

Perez was initially slammed for his treatment of coach Vincente Del Bosque and several key players in 2003. After winning La Liga, the president opted to let the well-liked coach go along with several key defensive-minded players including vital midfielder Claude Makelele.  Most critics believe that the shakeup occured due to a political rift between the coach and president, but three seasons later Perez would be considered expendable.

Now within a few months of his entrance back into Spanish football the president is messing everything up again.  First off, he grossly overpaid for the world’s best players including Kaka, C. Ronaldo, and Benzema.    Now the president demands a new league order with a Super League. 

Uhh, Mr. Perez.  You’ve only been back in football for like two or three months.  Let’s try to wait until next year to monopolize, market, and destroy football as we know it.  I feel like Florentino’s rush back into football and demand for change doesn’t make much sense. 

But then again, wearing a construction helmet in a shower doesn’t make much sense either. 

Mr. Perez congratulations you are the first annual La Liga’s Biggest Baby.