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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Dirtiest Player & Club

Like every season, the 2008/2009 season would be a very tight race for the honor or dishonor of being named 2009 LLTO La Liga Dirtiest Player.  Many young defenders tackled and taunted their way to the top of the cards list, but for most their strong effort would come up a little bit short. 

Fernando Navarro of Sevilla FC and Carlos Marchena of Valencia are the joint award winners for the Dirtiest Player Award this season.  Navarro acquired the most cards of any player this year with 16, but the rough defender was unable to receive a red card all season.  Marchena of Valencia was the exact opposite only acquiring 13 cards over the course of the year, but 3 were deemed worthy of red cards, so the two men both had 16 points by season’s end. 

As for the annual 2009 LLTO Dirtiest Club Award, Racing Santander was the best club this year at roughing up opponents.  The club really had a team effort going in to the year and received more cards this year then most people receive during December in a lifetime.  The club was rewarded a whopping 128 yellow cards over the year and dominated the category.  Racing Santander received so many cards this season, it is hard to find a picture of the club not tackling a player hard to the turf or arguing with an official over a received card. 

The 9 red cards Racing Santander received were also among the league’s best results, but were second best to Athletic Bilbao who put it all together with 13 red cards this year.  Still no one could touch Racing Santander this year and they finished the year with 146 penalty points.  The nicest club was Barcelona who only received 78 cards on the year.  Apparently Barca was first place in every stat this season.