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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Best Player 21 & Under

Young forward Gonzalo Higuain can celebrate his first individual trophy in his young, bright career.  The twenty-one year old is just old enough, here in the states, to raise up a glass and toast his La Liga achievement.  Higuain is this year’s LLTO winner for Best Player 21 & Under.  The most potential award will be taken home by a Real Madrid player who have just added a few young superstars to join the offensive side of the pitch. 

Much like 32 & Over winner Raul, it is hard to say what the young forward’s role will be with the club next year.  Will they continue to use the young, budding forward or will they go with experience and play Raul over the potential goal scorer?  Either way the forward position is sure to be crowded next season and it is more then likely that Gonzalo will unselfishly move back to a Lionel Messi type of winger/forward position.  Either way though Real Madrid has more talent at forward then nearly any other club in the world.

Gonzalo Higuain showed the world this year that he is ready for top tier football.  The young forward who has played for both France and Argentina internationally (his father was Argentine and he was born in France), scored 20 goals this season for Madrid and notched 9 assists for the club.  The key young player has showed the Madrid faithful his well rounded ability to shoot and score and also pass and allow others to score.

Higuain was excellent this year and look for the player to represent Argentina in next summers World Cup in South Africa.