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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Best Offense

I hate to begin an award category by downplaying the club that was winners of the trophy, but Real Madrid is the undeserving winners of this year’s LLTO Best Offense.  The reason why Madrid is considered the best offense is simply because I try to designate a different team winners of each individual award: Best Defense, Best Offense, and Best Club. 

As we all know, Barcelona was the best club in every aspect of football last year.  They scored roughly twenty more goals then the next closest team (which was Real Madrid) and reached the centennial mark by year’s end.  With players like Henry, Messi, and Eto’o it is hard not to at least mention the club while talking about the league’s best offenses.  But even before Madrid’s Monopoly-style signings of star players, the club was one of the best offensively in the world.

Madrid’s forwards are all excellent.  Raul was winner of LLTO Best Player 34 & Over amd finished the year with 18 goals.  Gonzalo Hiquain was the rightful winner of LLTO Best Player 21 & Under with a very impressive 22 goal season (which led Milan).  And Ruud Van Nistelrooy will return next season from a frustrating 4 goal season.  So next year the club will have a minimum of four or five great strikers with the additions of Benzema and Ronaldo to the pitch.

Madrid’s midfielders are not looking to shabby either.  The club is expecting the return of Arien Robben and Klass Jan Huntelaar and is supposidely letting Rafael Van der Vaart go with the additions of Xabi Alonso, Kaka, and Ronaldo.

Madrid may not have been the best O this year, but next year they will give Barca a run for their money.