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2009 LLTO La Liga Awards: Best Defense

Sevilla FC is the rightful award winner of this year’s SATO Best Defense of Club in the Primera Division.  The club was outstanding all year defensively and finished the year with the second fewest goals given up, right behind champions Barcelona.  In fact Barca and Sevilla were the only two clubs in La Liga this season that allowed fewer than 40 goals total.  Sevilla grazed the 40 goal milestone finishing the year with 39 (nearly an average of a goal a match) while Barca only allowed 35 by season’s end.  Sevilla allowed the third fewest goals at home this year (20), and the fewest on the road (19).  The club allowed eight fewer goals then third place defense, Deportivo.

Sevilla’s man in the goal this season was Andres Palop.  The Spanish keeper moved over to Sevilla from a reserve role at Valencia four seasons ago and the move has paid off for both Palop and the Sevilla club.  The goalie hasn’t allowed more than 37 goals total in a season for Sevilla and even had one year in which he only allowed 31 goals all season long.  The thirty-five year old averages giving up a little less then a goal per game for his career with the club and is our Keeper of the Year for his outstanding effort in 2008/2009. 

And of course every great goalie has a great defense to block shots, steal the ball, and generally harass anyone on the other club near the ball.  These key defenders were Sebastien Squillaci, Fernando Navarro, Julien Escude, and Aquivaldo Mosquera. 

Congrats Sevilla,  You were the Best Defense of 2009!