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2009 La Liga Season Review: Real Madrid

Team Overview: Founded in 1902, Real Madrid is not only considered the most successful franchise in Spanish football, but the Galacticos were voted by FIFA the most successful franchise of the 20th century.  Real Madrid has won a record 31 La Liga Primera Division titles, 17 Copa del Rey trophies, and 9 UEFA Champions League Cups.  The club has also played every season of their existence on the top tier of Spanish football and is also the most wealthy football club in the entire world. 

Best Performers:

F Gonzalo Hiquain 22 Goals, 9 Assists                                                                           F Raul 18 Goals, 7 Assists                                                                                                  G Iker Casillas 1.37 Goals/Game

Highest High:  Real Madrid had one of the most impressive runs of any club in any league this season.  The Galacticos had an 18 match unbeaten streak that spanned from early December to the beginning of May.  The club won 17 out of 18 matches over the four-and-a-half month span and outscored their opponents 43-9 during the hot streak.

Lowest Low: After such an unbelievable run Real Madrid completely tanked it to finish off the year.  The club lost their last five matches of the season including a 6-2 thrashing they received from rival Barca.  The month was so terrible it not only knocked Real Madridout of title contention, but the club also doubled their losses for the year with the bad month.  Real Madrid only lost ten matches all year. 

Future: Unless you have been hibernating in a cave, you have probably heard about the Real Madrid’s spending spree.  The club has been throwing around money like a game of Monopoly.  The Galacticos have already added Kaka, Christiano Ronaldo,  Benzema, and the club has announced that they are still not satisfied yet.  But with all of these additions, will Real Madrid function like a team or simply be paper champions?  Only time will tell.