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2008 MLS Season Review: San Jose Earthquakes

Recap: Any time your team is on the bottom of the league table (tied with the Galaxy), it’s bad. But, SJE fans know there is a learning curve in MLS, and they will look to catch up to their competitors in 2009. Huckerby’s addition helped a bundle and they made a late run, but it was still too early for SJE. They get a D+ overall.


Offense: What could you expect? Really? SJE did about as well as possible, but still only notched 32 goals, barely more than one a game. They were the worst in the league by far. Huckerby rejuvenated the attack, but he was alone in his proficiency, so the squad gets an F for offense. Sorry Quakes’ fans, but it’s true.


Defense: SJE’s defense was tougher than any defense in the league, even CMB’s. Their problem was that they were overextended because the offense couldn’t keep possession. They still finished 4th in the league in goals allowed. Joe Cannon deserves praise for his play too. Overall, they get a B+ for defense.


Needs: The additions of Alvarez and Huckerby should continue to assist SJE in rising through the MLS rankings in 2009. They need to keep their strong defensive core intact, and Ronnie O’Brien needs to be more selective when it comes to shooting the ball. Overall though, there is no reason SJE can’t be playoff bound in 2009.