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2008 MLS Season Review: Real Salt Lake

Recap: RSL finished an evenly balanced 10-10-10 in 2008 and were above .500 for the first time in their history. Though they fell in the conference final to the non-conference Red Bulls, they had a very successful season and will look to continue their momentum in 2009. Overall, I’d give them a B- for their year.


Offense: RSL’s offensive woes continued in 2008 as they only managed 40 goals for the duration of the season to finish 11th in goals overall. Their playoff production looked better, but they still need more weapons. Movsisyan heated up as the season went on, but he and Morales can’t carry the whole load so they get a C+ for offense.


Defense: RSL’s defense came into its own this year and shut down opposing offenses (at least during home games) to finish fifth overall in goals allowed. Nick Rimando did not have a very good season. He needs to work on staying focused late in games. Overall though, RSL was much improved, so they get a B for D.


Needs: RSL was a rising squad at the end of the year and I think they will continue to improve in 2009. With Beckerman and Morales leading the team, they should be difficult to beat in 2009. One question: When will Seitz take the reins? If not in 2009, then why keep him on the squad? Teams like LA would likely give up a lot for him.