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2008 MLS Season Review: L.A. Galaxy

Recap: Oh my, how far the L.A. Galaxy have fallen! They finished tied for the least points in the league with expansion San Jose, despite a prolific offense. They didn’t just look bad, they imploded. They finally got rid of Lalas though and brought in Arena to steer the ship. It was too little too late. They get an F from me in 2008.

Offense: Well, I guess you could say offense was the one area where the Galaxy really flourished this year. They led the league in goals with a whopping 55, 5 more than nearest competitor Columbus. The problem was that they scored them in bunches and not consistently in close games. I will begrudgingly give them a B+ for O in ’08.

Defense: The Galaxy’s defense wasn’t just the worst, it wasn’t even in the same universe (astronomy pun!). They ceded more than two goals per game (62 in 30 matches) and finished dead last by eleven goals. They were beyond bad; their play actually induced vomiting. I give them an F- with a zero score. They deserve it.

Needs: Well, almost everything really, especially if they were to lose Donovan. They need a keeper who can give up less than 2 goals per game, and a D that can help the keeper from having to save 12 shots a game. Most of all, they need leadership. If Beckham and Donovan can’t step up, they will need to tuck tail and run.