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2008 MLS Season Review: FC Dallas

Recap: Dallas was a mediocre team in 2008. They were just good enough to force draws (a league leading 12), but not good enough to win games (a last in the league 8). Overall, it was a disappointing season and they failed to make the playoffs because they could not play consistent soccer. They get a C for 2008.


Offense: Dallas got its offense cranking as the season went on and it ended the year tied for third in goals in the league with the Dynamo. Cooper played very well, and his emergence was a huge part of their offensive turnaround. Cunningham also looked good late in the year. Overall, Dallas did well offensively, so they get a B.


Defense: Dallas’s defense wasn’t poor this year, but it wasn’t rock solid either. They finished in the middle of the MLS pack. Moor, Davino, Serioux and Wagner look good on paper, but don’t always get it done. Plus their offensive contribution is basically nothing. Dallas had a poor season defensively, so they get a D for 2008.


Needs: If Cooper leaves Dallas for more money overseas, the former Burn will need to replace him quickly. Cunningham is a wild card, and they will need to get the most out of him. The defense will need to avoid the mental mistakes that plagued them in 2008, and the offensive core must continue to produce, with or without Kenny.