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2008 MLS Season Review: DC United

Recap: DC fans sat through a very disappointing season. The team lost 15 games and finished second to last in the East. They could never play consistent soccer, and their brutal non-league schedule left them often looking fatigued. Overall, it was a year most fans probably want to forget, so they get a C- for 2008.


Offense: DC’s offense was dreary this year compared to the past. Not having C. Gomez hurt them more than they thought it would, I think. They still finished 7th in the league in goals due to the craftiness of Jamie Moreno. Overall though, the attack had no consistency, so DCU gets a B- for offense in 2008.


Defense: DC’s defense was very, very poor this season. They actually finished 13th in the league in goals allowed, only ahead of the deplorable Gals. Defense used to be this team’s bread and butter, but this year they often looked stale. McTavish and Co. will need to do better in 2009. For D in 2008 though, they get a dismal D-.


Needs: Where to begin? How about everywhere, maybe even at manager. Gallardo is going to have to stay healthier and play better. Emilio will need to get motivated to regain his old form. Moreno will need to keep playing like he’s still 25. The defense will need to play with more cohesion. I could go on and on. 2009 may be disastrous.