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2008 MLS Season Review: Colorado Rapids

Recap: The Rapids season started hot, then cooled off for a long time. They eventually got it going again, but it was too late and they finished with a losing record, just outside of the postseason. Even more troubling, their poor play caused their attendance numbers to dip. It was a tough year, so COL gets a C for 2008.


Offense: Contrary to previous seasons, the Rapids had a good offensive year, scoring 44 goals to tie with the Fire for fifth in the league. Terry Cooke showed that he still serves one of the best crosses in the West (maybe better than Becks) and Conor Casey started delivering on his promise. Overall, they get a B for offense.


Defense: Colorado’s normally stingy defense faltered quite a few times down the stretch and they finished in eleventh overall in goals allowed. Nick Labrocca and Pablo tried to shut down opposing attacks, but their back line lacked stability and leadership. Overall, I’d give Colorado a D for defense.


Needs: Colorado will need to shore up the defense to be competitive in 2009. They will simply need to get more out of the guys they have, or replace them with someone who will give them 100% for ninety minutes. The offense needs to continue to improve. Most of all, someone needs to tell me what is going on with C. Gomez. It’s definitely the unanswered question of the moment in MLS.