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2008 MLS Season Review: Chivas USA

Recap: CHV has a slow start, but they came on strong to finish with a winning record and the fourth most points in the league. Preki continued to get the most out of an underpaid side. The loss of Guzan was painful, but they rebounded to finish 2nd in the West. But, their playoff appearance vs. RSL was poor, so they get a B- for ’08.


Offense: Chivas failed to produce offensively, scoring only 40 goals all season to finish ninth in the league standings. Losing Kljestan abroad during the early 2009 transfer period will be quite damaging, as he was their attack’s impetus, finishing 1st in goals and assists despite only 21 games. For ’08 though, they get a C+.


Defense: Just like last year, CHV’s defense got stronger as the year wore on, and they ended up with a lot of 1-0 wins toward the end of the season. They finished 7th in the league in goals allowed, despite having many injuries on their backline. The murky GK situation didn’t help any, but they still get a B for D in 2008.


Needs: The Goats will need to bring in some attacking talent to compete again for a playoff spot in 2009. As mentioned above, Sasha’s heading for brighter lights, so a new offensive maestro will be needed. Plus, they need to settle the GK situation and pray for health for Eskandarian and Galindo. 2009 looks bad for CHV though.