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2008 MLS Best “Steals” Roster

Earlier today I protested the disparity between rich and poor in MLS, and now I will continue my Commie ways by showing that MLS teams really can do more with less. Without further ado, here is my starting roster for the Best “Steals” Roster:

Well… actually a little further ado may be necessary. Maybe some kind of actual explanation as to what makes one a “steal” in the first place is in order.

A “steal” is defined by yours truly as a player whose potent performances are not parallelled by his paltry salary. While there is no threshhold number a player must earn less than to be considered a “steal”, the player must produce far more than his salary would indicate if he hopes to make this list.

So, here they are ladies and gents, the MLS Best “Steals” Roster (4-3-3):


  • Buona Coundoul (COL – $33k)


  • Jonathan Bornstein (CHV – $77K)
  • Craig Waibel (HOU – $70k)
  • Gonzalo Segares (CHI – $61k)
  • Devon McTavish (DCU – $33k)


  • Christian Gomez (COL – $430k)
  • Guillermo Barros Schelotto (CMB – $425k)
  • Steve Ralston (NER – $150k)
  • Stu Holden (HOU – $33k)


  • Luciano Emilio (DCU – $313k)
  • Kenny Cooper (DAL – $83k)
  • Maykel Galindo (CHV – $80k)

Honorable Mentions: Kevin Goldthwaite (NYR – $33k); Lawson Vaughn (CHV – $33k); Bobby Boswell (HOU – $33k); Marc Burch (DCU – $33k); Michael Harrington (KCW – $67k); Jack Jewsbury (KCW – $55k); Sainey Nyassi (NER – $18k); Jeff Larentowicz (NER – $33k); Dane Richards (NYR – $33k); Adam Moffat (CMB – $18k); Santino Quaranta (DCU – $35k); Chad Barrett (CHI – $61k); Hercules Gomez (COL – $52k); Adam Cristman (NER – $33k); Yura Movsisyan (RSL – $58k).

As far as which teams are the best pilferers: Clearly, DCU and NER get alot done without spending a ton of money. But as for the “best at spending the least”, its got to be the Goats. So much talent, yet because alot of it is so young, Chivas gets away with being a little cheap.

Finally, who is the biggest filch in the league? By “filch” I mean, the one player who every GM looks at and thinks, “why didn’t I see that potential”:

Got to be Galindo. Talk about the steal of the century…

Maykel scored 12 goals last season and had five assists, and he already has an assist and a goal in only about 100 minutes of playing time this year. Oh, and he made only $72k last season. That’s a goal for every  $6,000.

Needless to say, but for David Beckham to match that kind of productivity (on the field) he would need 1,083 goals this year, which would average out to 36 goals a game.