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STO WAGS of the World: Preview

The Beauty: What is it about WAGS (aka Wives And GirlfriendS of soccer stars) that captures the fancy of the public and the media. Is it their bountiful beauty? Is it their fabulous fame? Is it their ridiculous wealth? In short, yes, yes, and yes. WAGs are the women on the arms of modern society’s gladiators, and over the next month or so, I will be introducing you to some of the hottest ones on the planet. This is one STO series you will not want to miss. Trust me.

The Beast: Now, every week the “beasts” mentioned in this section will be the player the lady has snagged and shagged. Or should I say player(s)! These girls collect football galacticos like little girls in the US used to hoard My Little Ponies. I have already honored many WAGs on laligaticketsonline.com, premierleagueticketsonline.com, and serieaticketsonline.com. Check ’em out. Now, I will add new ladies to their ranks and round out my WAG Hall of Fame. 

The Bard: I also end each Ode to a WAG with a short piece of poetry, for example:

When real men learned a series about WAGs was to be written by the Yank,

They tuned in often, understanding that this could be something they could use to spank.

They also wanted to “read the articles” in order to learn about each player’s WAG.

Ah, who am I kidding, they were just surfing for pics of girls they could never shag.

Over the next month or so, I will show you such pics of the world’s sexiest girls,

So please come back to STO and bear witness as our series on wonderful WAGs unfurls.