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My Best US Soccer Blogs

P1300111Over the last 30 months, I have written several hundred blogs about soccer in the US. I have provided you with posts about the history of soccer in the US, and I have produced for you up to date information about the US MNT, the Lady Nats, and MLS. As a soldier of Sam’s Army and an MLS (and MFLS) diehard fan, I have followed the beautiful game here in the US as it has gone from cultural obscurity to its recent relevance. I hope it is now here to stay. 

Here are my 10 best posts/series on soccer in the US. 

10. US Soccer’s Seven Deadly Sins: This epic series into the depths of the Devil’s darkest duplex covered all of the major sins (pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust) the US MNT could face @ the 2010 .

9. MLS Hall of Fame & MLS Hall of Shame: These series educated the American masses on the best players in MLS history (like Landon Donovan) and those who brought shame to the top level of the US soccer pyramid (like Becks).

8. US WNT Arouses Interest In Soccer (and Women): This post is just one of many I wrote about the US WNT and WPS, but I highlight it here simply because I find it the most humorous. If you want the bawdy stuff, check out this series.

7. April Fool’s Day MLS Headlines: I provided STO’s patrons with some great MLS Headlines to email their buddies on April Fool’s Day in ’09 and ’10 (and I also once ventured out into the EPL), and I still think these posts are hilarious. 

6. US MNT 2010 World Cup Player Rankings: I put my money where Bob “Skeletor” Bradley’s tightly clenched mouth is when I selected who I thought he would select for the World Cup early this year. ‘Twas likely my most researched post.

5. MLS 101: This laboriously long series educated all readers on the history, traditions and past glories (or lack thereof) of every team to ever take the pitch in an MLS match. You may know MLS, but can you pass my final exam?

4. Know Your Opponent Series: I profiled every single national team that played the US over the last thirty months in this series. The example of the series in the link above is the Netherlands because I want to leave you on a high note. 

3. Alexi Lalas: Since he is my ginger idol and personal hero, I wrote about Alexi a good deal on this site. OK, I admit it, I really, really, really, really, really wrote about my favorite player ever (and worst MLS GM in history) too much.

2. Odes to MFLS: I have always espoused my belief that MFLS is the greatest fantasy league ever created. Any sport. Any league. Period. If I ever do return to these sites, it will be to do an Annual Ode, like in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

1. MLS Season Previews: Perhaps the best post I ever wrote for STO was my third one, my 2008 MLS Season Preview. However, my 2009 MLS Season Preview was also sweet (though more sacrilegious). The 2010 MLS Season Preview was also not too shabby, and overall I think these three posts represent my best blogs regarding soccer in the US.

Creative Commons License photo credit: amsfrank