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The Galaxy Did What I Said…The Dynamo, Not So Much!

The Galaxy did just like I said and took away the assist-maching in Houston in a shutout to reach the Final for the MLS Cup.

I also mentioned that the Dynamo needed to find a way to keep Landon Donovan “double-teamed” or something that would not allow him to beat them and they simply couldn’t do it.   In extra-time that Galaxy scored 2 goals (one from Donovan) and they pushed themselves through to the MLS Cup.

I don’t think this should come as any surprise since Donovan  had a couple shots on goal that he couldn’t convert, but from the beginning the Dynamo must have decided that they were going to let Landon try to beat them…bad decision.

In a way it’s kind of funny that Houston did exactly the opposite of what I said they should do in true “soccer” fashion instead of thinking “outside the box” and looking at the game from a more “American” perspective.

What’s more hilarious is that I chose Houston in this one thinking that both teams couldn’t successfully pull off my gameplan at the same time and I knew that Houston’s defense was stingy.  Yeah, that really worked.  {Note to self…stop going with the defensive teams in Soccer…it DOESN’T WORK!}

Now the question is easy…who will they face a shot at a Championship?  I picked RSL and I’m sticking to it (plus they’re my adopted team.)  If they get RSL my boys from Salt Lake better watch out since a much younger David Beckham helped ManU win a Premier League and FA Cup “Double” in ’95.  (Bet you didn’t know THAT one!) {And we all thought he was just some mediocre/good-looking/midfielder/who-was-more-famous-than-he-should’ve-been!}

So, once again, for the record, I’m taking RSL today over Chicago.  I mean, who wants to be Chicago and have to play the hottest team in Soccer?  “Not I said the fly.” And RSL responds in classic Diana Rigg fashion “How now Brown Cow?”

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  • Randall November 14, 2009, 7:23 pm

    i don’t think you can pick against defensive teams based on this one game. remember, the gals led the league in goals last year but tied the quakes for last on the league table. think back to the 2006 world cup too, and italy’s defensive dominance. even think about LA now. they weren’t offensively awesome in 2009, but they were very, very good defensively. this game was a defensive battle. the berhalter goal was a fluke and LD scored from the spot.

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