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Capello Calls Up Shawcross?

So, let me get this straight.  I’m not backing off on this one…

If you are the captain of the team and you have PERSONAL issues then you certainly can’t captain the team and that requires a personal reprimand from Fabio Capello, but if you break someone’s leg on a bad tackle then you’re good to go and MUST be called up.

That’s what happened after Ryan Shawcross broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg on a pathetic tackle attempt.  Fabio Capello must’ve thought that he’d make it worse by calling up a dirty player so what better way to destroy England’s PR than to just do something that looks bad.  Right?

I don’t get this England squad.  The way they are administrated makes no sense and I think this calls for some bold predictions.

At the World Cup they’re in a Group with the U.S., Algeria, and Slovenia.  I don’t know how, but they won’t make it out of group play.  Fabio Capello’s leadership says to me one thing:

We lack a focus that the best teams in the world have.

Like I said, I don’t know how the English will bow out of Group play, but they will.  You can’t be managed this badly and expect:

A.  The rest of the world to respect you


B.  Your poorly-put-together team to beat teams they’re “supposed” to beat.

This is sad because I really thought England could be going places in the World Cup this year, but the players will only be able to look at their management and say, “What have you done!?” when the World Cup is over and they can’t even get out of their group.  It will be pathetic.  It will be sad.  And I will have called it.  Mark it down folks.  This is not good…not good at all.

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  • Randall March 1, 2010, 11:41 am

    I am going to keep commenting every time you keep doing this, ok? Once again, please explain why Capello’s leaderhip is so poor and Terry’s leadership was not. You are like a broken record, my friend. You speak of “respect”, yet you clearly continue to only respect Terry while disparaging Capello. You are blaming the management for the “lack of focus” that was caused by – if anyone – Terry himself. Plus, all England has done since Capello took over was beat the teams they were supposed to beat. Again, I ask you to either (a) stop beating this dead horse or (b) regale us with the story of how Terry saved your kitten. I mean, we do know Terry has a thing for other men’s pussies, right?

    Sorry, that last bit was tasteless even for me…

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