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2009 MLS Season Review: New England Revs

2009 Recap: Yes, the New England Revolution once again fell short of that elusive title. But, they also once again competed with the best MLS had to offer despite suffering severe injuries and incessant bad luck. My fave coach, Stevie Nicol, deserves props for getting NER (11-10-9) to the playoffs without Twellman and Ralston for most of the way. In the end though, the lack of a title for NER despite so many competitive years must sting. Bob Kraft is a man who likes to hoist hardware.

Top Players: Sharlie Joseph is deserving of every accolade that is heaped upon him. He was a force to be reckoned with in 2009 (8 goals and assists) despite only starting 24 matches. Ralston was arguably even more valuable to the Revs though, notching 7 goals and assists in 17 games before injuries ended his season (yet again). Personally, I loved to watch the development of Darrius Barnes, who was the only MLS field player to play every minute of every game.

Symbolic Stats: The Revs made the playoffs despite scoring the second fewest goals (33) in the league. It seemed like they either won 1-0 or lost by a bundle. In fact, if one looks at their stats alone, they would probably think NER was terrible in ’09. Such is the genius of Nicol though, who is the best MLS manager at winning when he should lose. They were 2nd in the league when it came to wins after being down at the half. I think they bounce back next year too.

2009 MLS Season Review:

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  • Randall December 22, 2009, 10:58 pm

    i agree that the offense is lackluster, but i still must salute them for making it competitive despite their lack of talent. i mean, who do they really have? sure, joseph is great, and ralston is awesome when healthy (which is basically 50% of the time if they are lucky), but what the heck ever happened to twellman? did he lose motivation or something? he almost went abroad just a few years ago, and now he seems close to falling out of the pro game completely. is it just injuries? or is he a head case? i don’t know, i honestly don’t. i do know that kraft likes winning, and he can’t tolerate too many seasons like last year.

  • david December 21, 2009, 8:44 am

    As a season ticket holder sinceday 1 i can say that the revs while reasonably successful are the 2nd most boring side in the league only kc is competitive for this award. While SN has discovered how to sip”tea” on the sideline more effectively than any other MLS manager and has a good eye for US college players although he blew the geoff cameron call a local who he had scouted extensively, the only word to describe the REVS system of play is boring and predictable. Long ball from the keeper or short to shalrie, out to the wings and drive it into the middle and defend for your lives “lads” Wells Thompson! give me a break.the largest local ethnic group has been ignored by the club(Portuguese) give me a double espresso shot and hope we can stay awake through the SuperLiga excitement and lack of creativity for one more endless summer

    • apb December 21, 2009, 9:37 am

      Thanks for telling it like it is
      Passout the NODOZ!

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